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tab1Dr. Chelsea Brown, MD
Boston University
4 Years

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tab2Dr. Sam Green, DMD
U. of Pennsylvania
5 years

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tab3John McDowell, RPH
UC - San Fransisco
16 years

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"Curabitur accumsan id ante non cursus. Maecenas consequat aliquam lorem a ultricies. Pellentesque mollis eros sed magna varius."
Grace P.

Our Partners

responsive-screenshotHeatlhCare+ is a premium, responsive theme built with Bootstrap for Joomla 3 CMS. This template is ideal for any doctor, chiropractor, dentist, eyecare professional, pharmicist, hospice organization or other medical themed website. It includes 65 module positions, 12 color styles, and 16 pre-installed extensions with the quickstart package. This three column layout is responsive and built on the Bootstrap framework. It will dynamically scale many of the module positions depending on the number of modules published in that containing div area.

This template comes with a standard quickstart installation and Akeeba Backup installation. It has been tested on all major browsers, includes all PSDs, files and a comprehensive help documentation. Demo images are not included in the purchase bundle and have been replaced with placeholder images.

Support is available through our ThemeForest profile page.


There are thousands of Joomla third-party extensions available in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED). Extensions basically "extend" the functionality of the core Joomla framework. Our quickstart package includes 16 extensions.

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Module Positions

This template has 65 module positions. If you would like to see the module positions layout, please click here. Modules extend your template and make it easy for changing your design layout and visual hierarchy.

View Positions


We've installed several typography or shortcodes in addition to the standard Joomla installation. These codes include special inline styles, blockquotes, drop cap styles, paragraph styles, list styles, blocknumber, button styles, etc.

View Typography

Color Styles

HealthCare+ for Joomla 3 comes with 12 pre-set color style variations. Changing your color style is simple with the Joomla template manager in the admin area. Template colors include: Blue, Navy, Purple, Green, Dark Green, Teal, Orange, Red, Maroon, Pink, Black, Tan
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